Compliance & Litigation Readiness

ZyLAB Software Gets Your Electronic House in Order and Ensures your Information Protocol Complies with Regulations

Highlights | Benefits of the System | Proven Track Record

ZyLAB software supports the creation, administration, maintenance, archival and disposal of millions of dynamic and static files – from email, to legal agreements, to voicemails, to customer and employee records, and any other content archives. The ZyLAB Compliance & Litigation Readiness System fosters enterprise-wide corporate governance by helping you to implement practical, day-to-day records management policies, easily enforce their compliance, and quickly access information when you need it. The system incorporates records management and enterprise archiving technology, eDiscovery tools, and litigation support functions to get your electronic house in order.


Category ZyLAB Functional Highlights

Email Archiving

Supports PST, NSF, and Group Wise messages and all attachments | End-User Email Archiving (IM Platform) | Server-Level Email Archiving | Automatic extraction of email properties as searchable key fields | Full text and metadata search | Rules-based archiving

SharePoint Archiving

Supports wikis, blogs, discussions, and all file formats and metadata | Offloads proprietary servers to open, XML archive | User or batch archiving | Advanced search tools

Audio Archiving

Supports industry-standard audio formats | Phonetic search | Concept search | No dictionary dependence | File-based tagging | Dataset filtering | XML export plug-in

Records & Contracts Management

ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System features | Document intake module | Automatic categorization and routing | Set retention schedules and filing plans | Role-based and event-based permissions | Automatic alerts | Complex searches | Data mapping | Audits

Defensible Disposition

Filing plans| Retention schedules | Automated processes | Suspend or intervene auto actions| Legal hold | Full text and metadata search | Legacy data clean-up

Document Workflow

ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production System | In place audits | Advanced search | Data lock-down | Automated collection and processing | Web-based review Auto-categorization | Auto-redactions | Output in all common data exchange formats

Regulatory Response

Document intake | Integration with Active Directory | Routed approvals | Automated notifications | Legal hold | Integration with Windows Task Scheduler | Full text and metadata search


The ZyLAB Compliance & Litigation Readiness System provides the ultimate platform for corporate counsels, executive boards, and human resources teams that want to implement a litigation readiness program, enhance their efficiency, and optimize the performance of their internal processes.


Benefits of the ZyLAB Compliance & Litigation Readiness System

  • Finds, review and cross-reference relevant documents in the fastest way possible to significantly enhance your investigative capabilities
  • Support for every file type and data source, including email, SharePoint and audio
  • Minimize disruptions and risks from future litigation or regulatory audits
  • Enforce compliance of regulatory and internal procedures
  • Minimize costs of discovery, legal review, litigation, administration, and archiving activities
  • Litigation support software shares information online with authorized users
  • Support mission-critical activities such as litigation support, eDiscovery and audits, copyright registration, and managing trade name files and minutes and notes from board meetings
  • Ensure long-term document retention; always have backups of all data
  • Engage in seamless, comprehensive knowledge management
  • Proactively get your “electronic house in order” before you are compelled to respond to a legal hold notice or regulatory probe.

Field-tested & Proven

ZyLAB customers who trust our software to help manage their operations include:

  • Sara Lee
  • Wolters-Kluwer
  • Stork Prints
  • LaSalle Bank
  • US Justice Department
  • AkzoNobel
  • Balfour Beatty (multinational; construction and engineering)
  • International War Crimes Tribunals for Cambodia, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, and Rwanda.