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Let our Professionals Convert, Standardize and Archive your Content

ZyLAB’s DCS team will convert your large collections of paper documents, email repositories and electronic files to a single, stable, fully-searchable and digitally-sustainable data format. The following is a partial list of ZyLAB’s à la carte Document Conversion Services.


Sample Services

  • Scan and OCR paper documents.
  • Create an exact image of your hard disks, SAN, NAS and file servers.
  • Recover all of your electronic files, and use advanced forensic tools to recover temp, cache, spool, lost, and deleted files.
  • Remove system files. ZyLAB can segregate files that are used by a computer’s operating system or program applications from those files that have been created by a user and might contain evidentiary material.
  • Use a metadata filter (Date, File Type). ZyLAB’s electronic document conversion processes automatically collect metadata. A search filter can be applied to exclude documents that by description, type, date, or other criteria are obviously not relevant.
  • De-duplicate electronic files and email using an industry-standard hashing algorithm.
  • Convert gigabytes of email. A broad spectrum of formats such as PST, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Webmail and MIME can be converted.
  • Convert electronic data from third-party (legacy) DMS systems into an open format. ZyLAB products easily integrate with such common programs as Concordance, Summation, Watermark, Keyfile, EasyArchive, DocuWare, DocuShare, DocStar, FileNet and many others.
  • Use a full-text querying filter. Substantial reductions in a document population can be performed with ZyLAB’s powerful search tools. Using a list of words or phrases, coupled with an extensive amount of search operators, ZyLAB can perform queries across your documents which will help identify the documents that are potentially relevant.
  • Perform automated language translation. This service gives accurate translation to thousands of pages in a short time.
  • Perform manual and auto-coding functions, which assign key fields to scanned or electronic documents.
  • Publish files to DVD or a hosted repository for collaboration and legal review.

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