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Services for Collection,
Processing & Production


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ZyLAB provides world-class eDiscovery services and software directly aligned with the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Seasoned eDiscovery onCommand consultants and professional services teams are immediately responsive and stand with you every step of the way—365/24/7.

  • Early Case Assessment
  • Evaluate Search Strategy, Risk & Volume
  • Legal Hold & Lock Down
  • Early Data Redaction
  • Preserve Evidence Copy
  • Initial and Incremental Collections
  • Unpack, Cull, De-NIST

  • De-Duplication
  • Tag for Potential Privilege
  • Classify with Responsive Tags
  • OCR/Indexing
  • Bulk redaction of Personally
     Indentifiable Information
  • Export flexibility


Our team has unparalleled experience and NATO Secret or Top Secret security clearance, and we handle all ESI and paper discovery with the utmost care. Court rules are followed to the letter. Best practices are incorporated at every turn. And every action is recorded, repeatable and defensible.

Our e-discovery services span the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model, but you can select the precise services that meet the needs of your current matter—whether that involves assessing and collecting data, optimizing and enriching data, or reviewing and producing it.

Discover how ZyLAB eDiscovery services can improve your company's productivity and litigation readiness by requesting more information today.


Sample e-discovery Services

  • (Onsite) collection of source data.
  • Paper document scanning.
  • Create an exact image of your hard disks, SAN, NAS and file servers.
  • Recover all your electronic files, and use advanced forensic tools to recover temp, cache, spool, lost, and deleted files.
  • Remove system files. ZyLAB can segregate files that are used by a computer’s operating system or program applications from those files that have been created by a user and might contain evidentiary material.
  • Case data set-up to organize and prepare the data for processing based on the case requirements
  • Process the data in your dedicated environment using our software and ensure every single document is accounted for properly
  • Use a metadata filter (Date, File Type). ZyLAB’s electronic document conversion processes automatically collect metadata. A search filter to exclude documents that by description, type, date, etc. are obviously not relevant can be applied.
  • De-duplicate electronic files and email using an industry-standard hashing algorithm.
  • Convert gigabytes of email. A broad spectrum of formats such as PST, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Webmail and MIME can be converted.
  • Convert electronic data from third-party (legacy) DMS systems into an open format. ZyLAB products easily integrate with common programs as Concordance, Summation, Keyfile, Watermark, EasyArchive, DocuWare, DocuShare, DocStar, FileNet and many others.
  • Search Strategy Assistance: Apply best practices for intelligent culling, identifying false positives, and refining for optimal results.
  • Use a full-text querying filter. Substantial reductions in a document population can be performed with ZyLAB’s powerful search tools. Using a list of words or phrases, coupled with myriad search operators, ZyLAB ediscovery service consultants perform queries across your documents which will help identify the documents that are potentially relevant.
  • Perform automated language translation. This service gives accurate translation to thousands of pages in a short time.
  • Perform manual and auto-coding functions, which assign key fields to scanned or electronic documents.
  • Publish files to DVD or a hosted repository for collaboration and legal review.
  • Populate a ZyLAB Legal Review portal with the clean data set and standby to output the Production Set with auto redactions, any common production format, and 3rd party load files.

E-Discovery onCommand Highlights

  • Project turnaround in hours
  • Easy reporting tools to monitor projects
  • Highly-credentialed professionals
  • Defensible and repeatable methodology
  • State-of-the-art, global facilities
  • Highest standards for quality and security

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