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Only ZyLAB Is Built for 100% Recall

ZyLAB is the only eDiscovery and information management product that is capable of delivering 100% recall of potentially relevant data by coupling advanced search techniques with the ability to decipher complex files. This unique combination casts the widest possible net for each search—which is in stark contrast to common search engines that return only the most popular, or optimized, hits.

Our unique search technology has been developed in partnership with the most demanding and discerning organizations involved in high-profile investigations. ZyLAB software will retrieve all potentially relevant information—even if it is hidden in a bitmapped French document that was scanned at a 90 degree angle, zipped, attached to an email, and subsequently nested in another email message.

ZyLAB’s advanced search technology addresses the demands of intensive, exploratory legal search: complete, proportional, defensible, and accurate.


Search Text and Metadata

  • Full text search of textual data
  • Forensic indexing of file and document properties, such as Title, Author, Created Date, Subject, and Status
  • Ability to search and extract hidden file properties

Fuzzy Search

  • ZyLAB Fuzzy Search retrieves all occurrences of a word, together with all other words that are close in spelling to the original word. This is particularly useful for OCR errors, scanning errors, typos, and spelling variations for specialized lexicon, and spelling variations in names that are derived from non-roman scripts such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese.
  • The degree of fuzziness specifies the degree of closeness to the original word and helps control the quantity of results returned. Our technology retains excellent precision, even at high fuzzy degrees, and the difference in performance between large data sets and smaller data sets is negligible. Unlike most other products, ZyLAB’s fuzzy search even allows the first character to be different.
  • A main advantage of the ZyLAB’s fuzzy algorithms is that it is language- and application- independent and does not need to be “trained” like many competitors’ products.

Wildcard Search

  • ZyLAB Wildcard Search enables the user to replace any character in a word that may be illegible or unknown—even the first character of a word—with a wildcard. For example, one could search for a phone number without knowing the first digits (***-555-*26*) or other digits in the number.
  • Our technology supports a variety of wildcard positions (a*, *a, a*a, and *a*) without search speed degradation.

Option to customize search engine behavior

  • ZyLAB clients may customize the behavior of their ZyLAB search engine by a variety of criteria, such as noise words, token identification, character mappings, code page and Unicode support, translatable operators, punctuation, and hyphen- and apostrophe- processing.
  • Non-recognized and encrypted file formats can be automatically detected and moved to special locations for further processing.

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