Advanced Foreign Language Support

Advanced Foreign
Language Support


Only ZyLAB Breaks Down Global Barriers

ZyLAB isn’t just UNICODE compliant; ZyLAB is the only information management product that detects and translates huge volumes of foreign language content without sacrificing speed or accuracy. Global organizations and cross-border investigators can archive, index, search and manage foreign email and electronic files, or automatically translate the content and link to the original version.

  • ZyLAB detects and recognizes 400 foreign languages, including all Western European, Eastern European, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Farsi, and most regional indigenous languages.
  • ZyLAB can full text-index any language that can be represented in UNICODE characters.
  • ZyLAB provides customized interfaces in 26 foreign languages including Dutch, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Arabic, Farsi and Khmer.
  • ZyLAB offers the highest speed and throughput commercially available for automatic, statistics-based translation of 40 languages, including non-roman scripts like Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese. Read more about Machine Translation.
  • ZyLAB provides “lenient” search techniques such as Fuzzy and Wildcard that help mitigate poor 3rd-party translations of enterprise information.
  • ZyLAB reconciles differences in character sets and words, and uses statistics and linguistic properties (i.e., conjunction, grammar, meanings) so that foreign content can be mined and analyzed.