ZyLAB’s industry-leading, modular eDiscovery and Intelligent Information Governance technology puts you in command of boundless enterprise data in order to increase productivity, mitigate risk, reduce costs, investigate matters and elicit business knowledge and intelligence.

As Gartner states in several research reports, the eDiscovery market is changing rapidly: where organizations used to pass the full responsibility of data collection, processing, analysis, hosting for review and production to law firms and specialized service providers such as forensic accountants, they now keep control over their data by using on-premise and SaaS eDiscovery-software directly from technology providers such as ZyLAB.

"In the early days of eDiscovery, most companies outsourced almost every sizeable project to vendors and law firms so eDiscovery software was barely a blip on the radar screen for technology analysts. Fast forward a few years to an era of explosive information growth and rising eDiscovery costs and the landscape has changed significantly. Today, much of the outsourced eDiscovery "services" business has been replaced by eDiscovery software solutions that organizations bring in house to reduce risk and cost." - Gartner Magic Quadrant eDiscovery Software 2014.

By doing so, organizations minimize the risk of data spoliation or loss. During the entire process from identification to legal processing all data is stored on one platform they fully control. This way no additional reports or legal services are required to justify data transfers as is the case with platforms built of different point solutions. By using a scalable platform based on virtual-machine architecture and a modern and intuitive easy to use interface, they have the flexibility and processing power they need to make the deadlines.

ZyLAB straddles the convergence of eDiscovery and various aspects of Information Governance to keep help you and your employees to be productive and competitive by significantly reducing data volumes and organizing unstructured information and at the same time, lowering litigation, regulatory and eDiscovery risks and cost.

In the process, ZyLAB uncovers the huge business value hidden in the infinite types of data that corporations and government agencies store, and which, once exposed, brings positive benefits in terms of easier access to critical information and many other profits.

Unexpected and unwanted eDiscovery experience often triggers a broader information governance initiative championed by executive leadership. While the ZyLAB platform is generally implemented to investigate a specific legal matter under the strict EDRM guidelines, it is also a solid and robust foundation from which to pursue enterprise-wide objectives for information governance such as enterprise information archiving, legacy data clean-up, intelligent data migrations and consolidation, information monitoring for non-compliance, search, and proper data protection, privacy and intellectual property protection.

eDiscovery vs. Information Management

ZyLAB is a dominant player in eDiscovery- and Intelligent Information Governance related solutions, due in part to our history of supplying law enforcement, intelligence and regulatory agencies world-wide.

Advanced capabilities for multi-language support, searching, text-mining, content analytics, efficient information classification & reviewing, monitoring, but also open and sustainable enterprise-level archiving and records management, which are approved and used by high-profile organizations such as the US-NARA, White House and the UN.

ZyLAB is the solution for dealing with all your unified communications, regardless of the electronic format, media-type, location, repository type or language. We allow your employees to use the tools they need to be productive in secure and compliant manner.

The company’s products and services are used on an enterprise level by corporations, government agencies, courts, and law firms, as well as on specific projects for legal services, auditing, and accounting providers. ZyLAB systems are also available in a Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) model.

Overall, we have sold an astounding 1.7 million user licenses through more than 9,000 installations. All of our solutions include full installation, project management and integration services.

ZyLAB has received numerous industry accolades and is the only company to be positioned as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software and the Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology, and also be positioned in the MarketScope for Records Management.

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we also serve our local markets from our regional offices in New York, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Singapore.